Friday, October 10, 2008

Cool Pokemon

This is Dialga. There is a legend that time started when Dialga was born.

After fighting Kyogre ages ago, Groudon now rest underground in a magma cavern. (That is what my Ultimate Pokemon Handbook says)

This Pokemon is Salamence. Its first form was Bagon. It always wanted to fly so it threw itself over a cliffs, luckily its skull was as hard as a rock. Then it grew wings and was able to fly.

This pokemon is Mew. It was the only pokemon that survived when all the pokemon were dying off. It cried so much that all the pokemon were revived. When someone found a fossilized Mew eyebrow, there was a clone made of Mew called MewTwo. It can learn any move it wants and can be linked to other pokemons. It protects itself with a pink bubble.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slimy Snails

This is a snail that my grandpa gave to me. There were four snails. The tiny one was the fastest, then the biggest, then the middle ones. I raced them by putting them all my hand and I saw the little one escaped first. Then the bigger one escaped, then the middle one escaped. The are pretty slimy. The little snail crawls on top of the other ones.


At the State Fair, there were Sugargliders. They were inside a building with a whole bunch of stuff that they sold--like rags and stuff. We weren't selling it, but people did. They are nocternal animals and they are omnivores because they need meat in their diets sometimes. I dont' know what kind of meat, but I would guess bugs.

In this picture, I'm holding a Sugarglider. They do scratch, but it didn't scratch me. No, they aren't scary. They are cute little animals.

DO you know where this is?

I'll give you a hint. We eat at it. Look closely and you'll see cookbooks.